TERR Compatibility with R Sparklyr package

Do you have any information on R Sparklyr package integration with TERR. I tried loading it on TERR 4.3.0. It does not load and gives a warning 

In library.dynam(chname = chname, package = package, lib.loc... : Could not load foreign binary C:/Users/Capiot/Documents/TERR/x86_64-pc-windows-library/4.3/rlang/libs/x64/rlang.dll: The specified procedure could not be found. 
Error in .loadNamespaceImpl(package, path, keep.source, partial) : error executing useDynLib for dynamic library 'rlang' from package 'rlang' loaded from C:/Users/Capiot/Documents/TERR/x86_64-pc-windows-library/4.3 : Error in library.dynam(chname = chname, package = package, lib.loc = ... : Foreign binary rlang could not be loaded


The TERR - CRAN  compatibility spreadsheet has no reference of it either.

Arun Lakhotia

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