TERR data function with dplyr giving errors in version TERR 5.x

Our business has recently migrated from spotfire v7.7 to spotfire v10.3. Due to this TERR version has also been changed from v4.x to v5.0. The TERR data functions which were working with previous TERR 4.x have now stopped working post this migration and giving the following error : Error in force(expr) : could not find function "vec_as_names".

The data functions are using dplyr R package and corresponding function "vec_as_names" that showed up in the error is a part of vctrs package. We have both these packages installed in the TERR engine.

Incidentally, this data function works on locally installed TERR (in my local computer) but the same doesnt work when using TERR engine on the server where spotfire web reports are hosted. We have checked the local TERR engine version & installed package versions on my local computer and as well as on the TERR server. All of these are consistent & matching. 

We are not sure, how to proceed to overcome this error other than changing the entire data function code by not using the dplyr package itself. Any suggestions towards resolution without function modification are appreciated. Thank you.


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