TERR - SpotfireConnectors doubt

Hi everyone,

I am trying to do an export from R to Spotfire, do not know if it is actually possible but I saw the different functions belonging to the packages SpotfireUtils and SpotfireConnectors, but cannot make it work..

I tried as in the example in the documentation but this just creates a file in my local directory:


d.out <- list(createScriptFunctionOutput(name="x", type="column", display.name="Values"))
d <- createScriptFunctionDefinition(name="Manual", script="x <- 1:10")
exportScriptFunctionDefinition(d)     # Creates "Manual.sfd"

# Convert an R data function into a TERR data function
d <- importScriptFunctionDefinition("Manual.sfd")
d$language <- "TERR"
exportScriptFunctionDefinition(d, "TERRDataFunction.sfd")


I was going to try to set my working directory to the library in Spotfire, once again do not know fi it is possible, but I could not make a proper connection using sdcConnect. I manage to create a connection but when I use the function 'sdcGetInfo' I get and 'http error 404' or 'http error 500'.

Has anybody tried something like this?