​Is there any documentation available for getting Scribe to work with TLS 1.2?

​Is there any documentation available for getting Scribe to work with TLS 1.2? I have tried and failed to get this working as the Scribe Console will not connect to the local ScribeInternal database when TLS 1.0 is disabled.


Scribe Console Version 7.9.1

Scribe Insight Version

Windows Server 2012R2

SQL Server 2012 SP4

ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server

OLE DB Driver for SQL Server v18

SQL Server 2012 Native Client v11.4.7462.6

.NET v4.7


TLS1.0 client and server disabled in registry

TLS1.2 enabled in registry

SchUseStrongCrypto enabled in registry


I tried replacing the existing ODBC System DSN "ScribeInternal_MS" with a new one of the same name using the updated ODBC 11 driver. This allowed the Scribe Console to start but I am still unable to make source connections to the local ScribeWorkingDB database using the Microsoft SQL Server Native Databases connector. This fails with the following error:


"[08001] SQL call failed. SSL Security error ConnectionOpen (SECDoClientHandshake(). Error opening data source [SERVERNAME] - ScribeWorkingDB"


In addition to this, all connection settings for all queries under Publishers and Bridges were lost.


I fixed the connection issue by re-enabling TLS 1.0. I fixed the missing connection settings issue by re-instating the original ODBC System DSN.


I really need to disable TLS1.0 though, so any information on how to set this up correctly will be appreciated.

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