Is there a function to pause a Scribe job between Steps?

I have a job, the source is a SQL Query and the target is Dynamics CRM 2016 on-Prem. My job has two steps, the first step is an insert and creates a new record in CRM, I want to grab that records GUID and update a different entity's Lookup field with that GUID. I have created a Target Variable and that appears to get loaded with the GUID (we wrote it out to a text file to test it), but for the life of me my update Step, Step 2 does not update the record even though the job reports 1 successful insert and 1 update. My only thought is that the insert has a delay and step 2 fires before it has a GUID to update but you'd think I'd get an error. If the insert timing is the issue is the a pre-step operation function I could use to delay step 2? I found a WAIT() function in the help but that syntax seems invalid? Any thoughts on why this won't work or if a delay would and how to execute it? Thanks.

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