Is there a "Select All" option (using IronPython) for a 'Multiple Select List Box' property control that sets the property value through 'Unique values in column'?

I am trying to achieve the same as what a List Box Filter (from a filtering scheme) offers, which includes an option to select the "(All) # values" option at the top of the list box filter.

Example List Box Filter w/ the "(All) # values" option:


In a text area, I am using a Multiple Select List Box that is tied to a property.  The value of this property is set using the "Unique values in column" option where I can select the column who's unique values I'd like to be used in the list box.  However, there is not an option to add a "Select All" option.


Does anybody have any ideas on how to add this functionality using IronPython (that would be tied to a button) to set the value of that property to include all of the unique values in that column?

If all options were to be selected, the value of the property would read "00023901,00024101,00024402,00024502, etc."


The reason I am trying to find a work around from using a List Box Filter from a filtering scheme is that I am unable to make a caculated column (which uses an over statement) that takes into account when rows are filtered out in the filtering scheme.




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