Is there a way to avoid SpotFire populating the entire database before the user enters the parameters for the data they want to see?

This is a newbie question so I apologize in advance. Here is my question. I have noticed that my company has various SpotFire sites and I see that it seems like ALL the data in the database seems to populate into the SpotFire site upon going to that web site and it takes a few minutes usually to populate the site since there is usuallya lot of data there. Then the user enters the parameters for the data they want.

My question is - is it possible to do this the opposite way.  Have a SpotFire site set up such that the data does not automatically populate into the web site but the alternative method would be the user would pick the certain parameters they want and then click an OK or SUBMIT button and then they only get back the data that they want and hence have a faster response time? Is this possible or recommended. If not please explain.

Thanks !

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