Is there a way to get an export to PowerPoint with both a sharp image of a map and high quality legend text?

I have been struggling to export a complex map to PowerPoint. Using File -> Export -> To Microsoft PowerPoint, the legend looks great but in the map image, the map makers and labels get fuzzy as the map becomes complex. (See slide 1 in the attached ppt.)   Using File -> Export -> To Microsoft PowerPoint -7.11 version [Depreciated], the map image improves slightly but the legend deteriorates. (Slide 2) I have written a Python script to export to ppt and I can get a great map image, but the legend is poor. (Slide 3) Using file -> Export -> Visualization to image give me results similar to export to ppt. (Slide 4) Currently, we export to pdf, open the pdf in full-screen mode, create a screen capture, and paste the screen capture into the ppt, but his process requires too many steps to be reliable. A python script would be ideal as I anticipate multiple revisions of many maps. Is there a solution that yields both good quality map images and legends?


File airbnb_exports.pptx1.69 MB

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