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Is there a way to make Spotfire automatically "guess" the DataTypes of columns when importing data using IronPython?



When importing data from a text file using IronPython using code such as this:

readerSettings = TextDataReaderSettings()
readerSettings.Separator = "\t" # Our text file is tab-delimited 
readerSettings.AddIgnoreRow(1) # Ignore the bad data type row completely 

# create a data source to read in the file
textDataSource = TextFileDataSource(dataPath, readerSettings)

newTable = Document.Data.Tables.Add("My Table", textDataSource) 

tableSettings = DataTableSaveSettings(newTable, True, False) # UseLinkedData = True; ??? = False
tableSettings.UseLinkedData = True # To be safe  

is there a way to make Spotfire automatically "guess" the data types of columns (like when you open the "Import settings" window for a data source, then click "Refresh," and all the types get set automatically)? Currently, every single column gets imported as a String, regardless of whether it is solely numeric or  not.

I know that specifying a TypeRow is the preferred method for setting DataTypes automatically, but the data I am working with unfortunately has unhelpful type rows (which, for example, list some - but not all - numeric columns as being of type "STRING"), and they are out of my control.


Thank you very much,


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