TIBCO Adapter for Petrel - OSP Ribbon Icon stay CONNECTED after closing Data Selector

I used Petrel 2016 and OSP Adapter 25 on Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs. I also used OpenIT Optimizer apps so that when Petrel and DataSelector were idling for certain amounts of time they would be suspended and licenses released back to server. I came back like next day and resumed Petrel and Data Selector ( supposed to run back and checkout licenses) but  they were not responding and would crash afterwards. 

However if I closed out Dataselector and also clicked off OSP ribbon Icon ( inside Petrel) to change to NOT CONNECTED then Petrel was fine after suspension mode.

NOTE: When I closed DataSelector the OSP Ribbon Icon stayed CONNECTED in Petrel and that would cause the latter to NOT responding and crash.

Can you help change it so when I close DataSelector in Petrel then the OSP Ribbon icon will automatically change back to NOT CONNECTED?

Please contact Trung for more details.

Thank you

Attached are the images of the OSP Ribbon Icon in Petrel



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