TIBCO and ProVision Integration

My name is Yelil Marcos, I work for "Proforma Latinoamerica". We have a customer who is evaluating to buy a BPA tool AND a BPM tool.

One of the finalists in the BPM tool is TIBCO and one of the finalists in the BPA tool is Proforma's ProVision.

One of the requirements is that they need to be sure that they can model in the BPA and send the needed workflows to the BPM, so they don't have to re-do all the modeling in the BPM.

ProVision exports to BPEL (XML), CIF, XMI, WSDL. We know TIBCO's Business Studio 2.0 can import from XML, and we have tried to do it, without success. The error we are getting is "Migration of the imported resource to the latest version failed".

Do you know if there is some way to integrate these tools? Have some of your customers done it? Do you have any success story about an integration between ProVision and TIBCO?

Thanks in advance, best regards.


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