TIBCO BW 6.4: Is it possible to deploy a Shared Module as a jar to a Maven Repository and have a BW application use those shared processes in a Call Process activity?

We have a set of shared processes that are used to log data throughout the workflow of our BW application. We would like to compile those processes to a jar and host them in a Maven repository for other applications to use. Is this supported by TIBCO Business Works?

We are using the Tibco Business Works Maven Plugin version 1.2.2 but thus far we have not been successful. 

Here are the steps we have followed:

  1. Deploy a Shared Module to a Maven Repository as a jar with a configured pom file.
  2. In a BW application, add the Maven Repository to the project's pom file using the <repositories> section.
  3. In a BW application, add the Maven Dependency for the Shared Module to the project's pom file using the <dependencies> section.
  4. Build the BW Application via Maven with an install goal and observe as the Share Module is downloaded from the Maven Repository. Note that the shared Module is now listed under Maven Dependencies and that if you drill down in the project explorer you can see the processes you want to utilize. Also note that if you view the Java Build Path of the project that the dependency shows under the Libraries tab.
  5. Add a Call Process activity to a process in the BW Application.
  6. Select the activity and click the Properties tab.
  7. Next to the Process Name click the magnifying glass/search icon.
  8. In the popup window note that the Shared Module does not show. Note that you cannot find it via a partial or whole search.
  9. Press cancel on the popup window.
  10. Enter the name in the Process Name field as you would have referenced the Sub Module if it were part of the same workspace in a separate project.
  11. Note the compile errors on the Problems tab indicating that the Shared Module service cannot be found.



  1. Can a Shared Module be exported to jar and be referenced by a BW Application and have its processes utilized?
  2. Does the Maven plugin support deploying a Shared Module as a jar and sharing it with BW Applications?



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