TIBCO BWCE docker image/container

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Have few questions regarding TIBCO BW CE while creating docker image and running docker container.

  • Environment Variables described at TIB_bwce_2.3.2_application_development.pdf doc at page 96 how we can access them from inside container?
  • As per my understanding for bwce docker containers we do not have administrator to manage these variables. what is the best practice to manage environment/property variables while bringing up the tibco bwce container for dev/qa/production environment update the specific values.
  • how we can achive "Externalize with Module Properties" during Test/Prodution deployment mentioned below?


Configuration parameters can be externalized as module properties. At runtime, the values from the
module properties are injected into process and activity configuration parameters upon application
startup. This allows environmental specific application properties to be set at the time of deployment or
in some cases, post deployment. Database password is a good example of a module property.

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