Tibco Does not redeliver messages on client clean shutdown


I use Java JMS api provided by TIBCO to connect to TIBCO queue and use client acknowledge to achieve guaranteed delivery.

My application is a simple Java standalone process. Below is my code I use to connect and fetch messages

QueueConnectionFactory factory = new com.tibco.tibjms.TibjmsQueueConnectionFactory(ServerUrl);

connection = factory.createQueueConnection();

session = connection.createQueueSession(false,javax.jms.Session.CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE);

javax.jms.Queue queue = session.createQueue(“QueueA”);

I am able to successfully receive the messages and acknowledge,

The problem is with redelivery of the messages on clean shutdown (CTRL-C or kill PID) of the client process, the unacknowledged messages are NOT redelivered. If I force kill the process (kill -9 PID) the unacknowledged messages are redelivered.

Has any one faced this problem before? Is this the desired behavior or problem with TibJMS implementation?

Thanks in advance for your response


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