TIBCO EMS 8.3 support for AWS Aurora DB


I'm implementing TIBCO EMS v8.3 at AWS. I want to create a setup with a primary TIBCO EMS server and a secondary (standby) TIBCO EMS server. I want to use a database as to share state information between the primary and the secondary server in case the primary fails over to the secondary server. TIBCO EMS v8.3 supports MySQL 5.6. I could create a MySQL database in AWS RDS, but from a costs perspective it's better to choose AWS Aurora DB in AWS RDS. AWS Aurora DB is fully compatible with mySQL 5.6 and 5.7.

Is AWS Aurora DB used by other customers with TIBCO EMS?

Has TIBCO plans to support Aurora in the future?

Is TIBCO willing to support Aurora with TIBCO EMS 8.3 now?

Regards Kees van Winden




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