TIBCO Scribe® Online - SFDC upsert fails with REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING error but was working before.


all of our integration maps are failing where we upsert in Salesforce child records matching the parent record by using external id on the parent record.

The relationship in Salesforce of the two custom objects is Master-Detail.


Master__c, with external text unique id field Master_No__c.

Detail__c, with the lookup field Master__c (Master-Detail to Master__c)

Test records:

Existing Master__c record in Salesforce with Master_No__c = TESTID

We are using the virtual field Master__c_Master__r_Master_No__c which is available in the Salesforce Target Connection when inserting Detail__c records to match the external id Master_No__c:

UPSERT Detail__c record, Master__c_Master__r_Master_No__c = TESTID and Master__c = null.

Upserting was working before, but now we get this error: Operation failed. Label: Upsert Detail__c, Error: Required fields are missing: [Master__c]


Is something changed in the way we should upsert records in Salesforce? The error message means that the id of the Master object is required now, although we use the virtual field to match the master record by using the external id.


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