Tibco Spotfire 7.5 and backslash character

Hi all, 

can someone help me to understand why Mr. Spotfire does not recognize the "\" character?

I have a simple datatable A with a simple string column "COLUMN A" containing a string with "\" character  ("XX\YYYYYYYYY" e.g.). 

If I try to filter datatable rows to extract the row of a specifc value of COLUMN A with the following expression

[COLUMN A]="XX\YYYYYYYYY"  return 0 result

instead if I create a calculated "COLUMN A1" where I replace "\" with "-" the expression 

[COLUMN A1]="XX-YYYYYYYYY" is correctly evaluated. 


I try also to apply the same logic filter with on demand mode of data table but doesn't work. 

it seems that it does not recognize the character \. 


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