Tibco Spotfire 7.5 How to improve performance of dashboard navigation


I've a dashboard containing around 100.000.000 records of around 80 fields and the scheduled update spent around 4/5 hours (but this is not an issue because I have scheduled the update during the night). 

The dashboard contain a table showing a list of codes; the marking on one of this codes show a list of detailed informations. 

In another page the marking activate the visualization of a line graph, a pie chart and 2 graphical table. 

The navigation of the dashboard  is very very slowly. To show the line graph, the pie chart and the 2 graphical table It spent around 5 minutes and sometimes it return an error "The max rendering time was exceeded"

How can I improve the performance of the same? I have removed unused columns/rows...

There are 2 Web player machines having 64 GB of RAM. 

Thank you



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