Tibco Spotfire 7.5 - How use data function in a trasformation to filter data table rows

Ciaooo all, 

we have a data table A with 12 mln of records from which we create another datatable B as a set of transformations (Pivot + add rows etc etc) used to meet some business rules. 

The data table B at the end result dto have 60 mln of records with a lot of calculated column with over functions. 

Any visualization on data table B is slow...very slow. 

We can reduce the records of B only creating B from a limited set of rows of A but there is no type of transformations to filter initial set of A. 

Can I use trasformation type "Data function" to filter the initial set of record of A (sub A - 1 mln of records) and then reuse the existing trasformations to create a B data table with only 5 mln of records (for example)?

Someone have any idea/ examples to help me?

p.s. the analysis is in-memory...





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