TIBCO Universal Installer - Locked Files-AIX

Hi All,

I am installing Hawk 5.0.0 in AIX OS and I am getting the below error

TIBCO Universal Installer - Locked Files

WARNING: Locked Files

Some of the files about to be installed are in use by another process. For a list of the locked files, see the log directory below:


You must shut down all TIBCO processes before running this installer. To exit the installation, click Cancel.

Few more details


1. I have Hawk 4.9 already installed as part of TRA. Need to upgrade to 5.0.0.

2. lsof comamnd is not working in AIX. It is not recommened to install lsof software

3. Checked /home/tibco/.TIBCO/install_2013-05-07.161034 log path. This path has a file lockedFilesList.txt. lockedFilesList.txt file contains Locked File List: (files currently in use by another process) and all these files under tibcojre64 folder.

Now my problem is i am not able to install Hawk 5.0.0. It says it has been locked by other process.

There might be 2 solutions

1. Kill the locked file process.

2. Release the lock.

I am not able to get the process. ps -ef is not showing any running process. No result found for using fuser command as well.

Please help me in this.