Tibrv 6.0 SendRequest in Perl

I am trying to do a simple sendrequest using tibrv in perl. I can do a listen and a send, but I am not sure how to format the perl code nomenclature to get the received message back from a sendrequest. I can't find an example of a sendrequest in perl. The below code errors out on the sendrequest line with an "Undefined subroutine" error code.

Can anyone give me a hand with this? Or point me to a sendrequest example that works in perl?

Thank You,

 #!/usr/bin/perl use Tibrv; use Getopt::Long; sub help_func{     print "usage:  tibrvsend [-servcie s] [-network n]\n";     print "        [-daemon d] subject message\n";     exit; } # # initialize some defaults # $service=""; $network=""; $daemon=""; $subject="mysubject"; $message="mymessage"; $ret=&GetOptions("service:s" ,\$service, "network:s", \$network, "daemon:s", \$daemon, "help",\&help_func); help_func if $ret == 0; help_func if $#ARGV < 1; # # creates the internal TIB/Rendezvous machinery. # $status = Tibrv::tibrv_Open(); die "Tibrv::tibrv_Open failed." if $status != Tibrv::TIBRV_OK; $status = Tibrv::tibrvTransport_Create($transport,                                        $service,$network,$daemon); die "Tibrv::tibrv_TransportCreate failed" if $status != Tibrv::TIBRV_OK; # # when you check the connected clients via rvd this is how you know what # is connected # Tibrv::tibrvTransport_SetDescription($transport,$0); $subject = shift; $status = Tibrv::tibrvMsg_Create($msg); die "Tibrv::tibrvMsg_Create failed." if $status != Tibrv::TIBRV_OK; $status=Tibrv::tibrvMsg_SetSendSubject($msg,$subject); print "\nPublishing:  subject=$subject  \"$message\"\n"; $status=Tibrv::tibrvMsg_UpdateStringEx($msg,"DATA", $message); die "UpdateString failed" if $status != Tibrv::TIBRV_OK; $status=Tibrv::tibrvTransport_SendRequest($transport,$msg, &reply, 30); die "tibrvTransport_SendRequest failed" if $status != Tibrv::TIBRV_OK; $err = Tibrv::tibrvMsg_ConvertToString(reply, &theString); print theString; Tibrv::tibrvMsg_Destroy($msg); Tibrv::tibrv_Close();