[Top N] Spotfire giving all cateogries with same value in top 10

Hi All,

I have created a report with the Show/Hide holding a rule to show top 10 by count. This logic works fine when the category present on the X Axis are having different counts. But there are such rare cases where in many categories have the same amount/figure due to which the top 10 rule fails. Is there some way; Ranking or RowID which can help me to get the Top 10 results as is the case with SQL when we mentiont "Select top 10 category,count(id) from Table where <conditions>" and it gives us only top 10 entries.

I am attaching the image to show you what I mean:

Spotfire Top 10 Issue


Now the logic present in the Top 10 is 

Custom Expression:
Count([PART_DESC]) as [Part Count]

Rule Type:


When this rule is matched:
Show items


Please help



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