Troubles with a IFrame


I have some problems with iProcess in GI developed a component that had anIframe, and then call a JSP hosted on another server, after consuming the JSP I want get the contentDocument from the Iframe, which works in the GI, but when I try to prove in IProcess not work, and he returns a null, anyone can help me I do not know if thereany settings I have to do or something else.

the code i use is this:

ipcClass.prototype.cerrarDialogoNormal = function() {

                                        var frm= this.getDescendantOfName("iframeSube");

                                        var a=frm.getContentDocument(); <----------------------------------- here is where I obtain a null and I hope obtain something else

                                        var formulario = a.getElementById("formResultado");

                                        if(formulario == null){

                                                  alert("No se ha subido ningun archivo para registrarlo");

                                                  NombreArchivo= "";


                                        var path = a.getElementById("txtResultado").value;

                                        var ruta=path.replace(/\\/g,'/');   

                                        var d=ruta.split("/");

                                        var nombre=d[d.length-1];