Unable to find newly installed Node manager under 'Untrusted Nodes'


I have installed a Node Manager and when I am trying to trust it through Spotfire Admin console, I am not able to find the node itself under 'Untrusted Nodes'. I am using Spotfire server on Linux and Node manager on Windows and this setup in running on Trial version of Spotfire Server 7.11

I have tried out below options to resolve, but no luck yet:

1. Insalled Node manager on other Windows server.

2. Used ports other than the defaults ones

3. Deleted keystore file from both Spotfire server and Node manager and restarted Spotfire and Node manager

4. Enabled auto trusing of nodes in Spotfire configuration

I could see below Fatal error in NM logs- FATAL 2018-03-15T15:55:11,301+0000 [] common.domain.Node: The list of addresses cannot be null or empty (node id ca6335f0-cd3a-4b24-845f-d764da439012)

I have verified the server names, port etc which I am providing while installing Node manager and everything seems to be correct.


Can anyone please help with this issue? Your help will be much appreciated.


Thanks and Regards


Binary Data nm.log46.08 KB

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