Unable to invoke REST-based BWCE application docker container from Swagger UI

Hi, We have created a REST-based BWCE application (app3) using Swagger.json spec & imported the same in our BWCE project. Now, we have created a docker image from the same & have been able to run the container successfully in  docker console by exposing the port externally :

docker run -p 8888:4444 app3  , where '4444' is the container port, as defined in Docker file

But, issue is that we are unable to open the Swagger UI for the application & to invoke it.

We have tried using the Swagger default URL for docker container: the URL is timing out.

But, when we are Running the Tibco BWCE sample (REST-Bookstore) application, & using the above URL, we are getting corresponding the Swagger UI.


Hence, need answers to the below queries:

1. Which URL to use to open the application-specific Swagger UI?

2. Since we have imported the Swagger JSON contract into BWCE project, do we have to include reference to the JSON contract while running the docker image?

3. Why is it that we can open Swagger UI for  REST-Bookstore sample , but not for our application?

4. How to invoke Swagger UI when deploying the Docker image in Open Shift environment? 


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