Unable to open Dahsboard page


I created a sample dashboard  agent project.

I have PU with two agents in it

1) dashboard-agent - Configured to listent to localhost :19999

2)Inference agent

After creating the CDD and EAR. I started the engines using be-view.exe.

I tried http://localhost:19999http://localhost:1http://localhost:1:19999, browser shows the header as TIBCO Business View, but the body is blank.

We were expecting the login page.

Below are the properties added to agent-class for DashBoard Agent.


Could you please help us figureout why the login page is not showing up?

Thanks in advance,


<property name="be.auth.type" value="file"/>

<property name="be.auth.file.location" value="C:/tibco/be/5.0/examples/views/FraudDetectionDashboard/config/frauddetectionusers.pwd"/>

<property name="be.agent.dashboard.mal.storage.file.root" value="C:/tibco/be/5.0/views/personalizeddata"/>

<property name="be.agent.dashbaord.hostname" value="localhost"/>

<property name="be.agent.dashboard.pullrequestport" value="19999"/>

<property name="be.http.docRoot" value="C:/tibco/be/5.0/views/web-root"/>

<property name="be.http.docPage" value="index.html"/>


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