Unable to see JsViz icon on the Tibco Analyst

I downloaded JsViz and followed the instructions for installing JsViz from the documnent file 'JsViz User Guide.pdf".  I installed jsViz from Spotfire server page "Deployments and Packages".  I can see jsViz as installed in the "Deployments and Packages" list. I opened the tibco desktop client and clicked on "ok" button when it said that updates are available from server. However,  I do not find the 'jsViz' icon on the tool bar. (Please note that information related to licence was mentioned in the user guide document, but I do not know how or where to set the license?

I found the following document on internet


Based on the information contained in the above PDF file, I checked the tibco desktop installation folder, but I do not find the "module" folder. Can anyone help me understand this please?

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