Unsupported JDBC data type error after upgrade

I'm encountering a strange error after upgrading from 7.5 to 7.9.

Database is SQL Server 2005. Column in database holds dates in format YYYYMMDD. (e.g., 20170922). In the column element, I convert to a date like this: CAST(%1 AS SMALLDATETIME).

This column element has worked fine for two years. Now, after upgrading to Spotfire 7.9, I get this error when using the column in an Information Link:

Failed to execute query: Unsupported JDBC data type in query result: smalldatetime (HRESULT: 80131509)

I tried changing SMALLDATETIME to DATETIME, but I still got the same error.

Finally I switched the Data Source Template from SQL Server (2005 or newer) to SQL Server (DataDirect) and that solved the problem.

Any idea why an upgrade would have caused this issue? Do I need to update any jdbc drivers?

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