updateinsert operation not inserting

The following scenario:

i have my Target SYS-connector setup correctly, for 'update then insert' on an entity with a matchfield and i can run the solution. (I have rechecked all lines concerning operationResult with the sample)

I run the solution, i get 0 rows (these are all new rows) in the update (operationResult.Success[0] = false, operationResult.ObjectsAffected = 0, operationResult.ErrorInfo is set to a custom description, errornumber = 10).

I assume that when an operationResult.Success is false, ScribeOnline calls the operation 'CreateOperation', but, project is attached to Visual Studio, i see the expected number of calls to UpdateOperation, but no calls are made to CreateOperation (after each non-succesful UpdateOperation). The history of my task shows failed updateoperations, but as i said, the updateoperation is unsuccesful, but this is expected as the matchfield did not yield any matching records.

Anything i have missed?

// actiondefinitions

case Globals.OperationType.Create:
actionDefinition.SupportsInput = true;
actionDefinition.SupportsBulk = true;
actionDefinition.SupportsMultipleRecordOperations = true;
//This declares the known api action, by default it will be set to none
actionDefinition.KnownActionType = KnownActions.Create;
case Globals.OperationType.Update:
actionDefinition.SupportsInput = true;
actionDefinition.SupportsBulk = true;
actionDefinition.SupportsLookupConditions = true;
actionDefinition.SupportsMultipleRecordOperations = true;
actionDefinition.KnownActionType = KnownActions.Update;

// setting the operationresult (same as in the sample)

successList.Add(SetSuccessResult(operationInput.AllowMultipleObject, rowsEffected));

//Add the results from the operations to the operation result object
operationResult.Success = successList.ToArray();
operationResult.ObjectsAffected = objectList.ToArray();
operationResult.ErrorInfo = errors.ToArray();

Posted by Bart J. on Apr 4 2012 4:50PM { U3074 , F40 , T2517 , C8225 }

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