Update/Insert Upsert (Microsoft SQL Server -> Salesforce)

Hi Everyone!


I am trying to update records on a related custom object in Salesforce or insert if it's not present, but when I try to use the update block I receive the following message:


Message: Multi-object operations are not allowed. More than one object matched the filter criteria. Parameter name: allowMultipleObject: Error in calling Operation Update at Scribe.Connector.Force.Operations.UpdateOperation.QueryIdsForUpdate(DataEntity dataEntity, Expression lookupCondition, Boolean allowMultipleObject) at Scribe.Connector.Force.Operations.UpdateOperation.GetUpdateDefinitions(OperationInput operationInput, PreProcessingError[]& preProcessingErrors, MultipleObjectBlock[]& multipleObjectBlocks)



If I try to use insert block, the status shows completed successfully but does not return anything in Salesforce.


Basically what I am trying to achieve is query tickets from SQL Server, and upsert flights__c records within the opportunity. The only way I can relate the records to the opportunity is by ID and that's why I use the Fetch Opportunity block.


Thank you so much for your help in advance!







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