Updating source after successful target insert/update

I'm new to scribe and I'm trying to understand if something is possible. The examples I've seen and the current integrations my company uses are only ever one way from the source to the target. However, I'm now in need of updating the source database with the target's ID after a successful creation. Is this possible with scribe insight?

Here's the flow I'm looking to achieve:

1. Record is created in source system
2. Scribe picks up that the record was created and creates a record in the target system (Dynamics CRM Online)
3. Upon successful creation of the record in Dynamics CRM, the ID of the new CRM record is returned to the source system where it's added to the record created in step 1

Is this possible? Other than Dynamics CRM, I have control over the type of adapter that can be used with the source system. (Web service, SQL, MSMQ, etc.)



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