Upgrade from 7.02 to 7.8 on AWS error

Hi, we have been using the AWS marketplace spotfire 7.02 version and been notify in email that 7.8 is out and we are keen to upgrade to latest version, however not getting too much luck. Following are the steps I've been went through, which is basically from the link below


1. Launch new instance of Spotfire 7.8 via AWS Marketplace

2. Took backup of spotfire_server database from 7.0.2 server

3. Restore spotfire_server 7.0.2 database to 7.8 server

4. Execute upgradetool.bat under C:\tibco\tss\7.8.0\tools\upgrade

5. Select "Microsoft SQL Server" as the Database Type, Database driver "Microsoft SQL Server (Native)"

6. Entered as  hostname and spotfire_server name, had to changed password for db user spotfiredb as it's not stored in anywere 

7. Server aliais is using the default sawsserver, click on upgrade

8. Getting unable to upgrade database error

I've attached the log files, any help would be really appreciate!






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