URGENT ISSUE -- Issue with Microsoft SQL Server Connector - Scribe Online

We are trying to use Scribe to do our CRM Online Migration this weekend, with a Go Live on Monday, and we are now having issues with the scribe packages.


Issue Description:

We have installed the SQL Agent to the desired server. And the SQL server 

connector is configured with appropriate Server Name, DB Name, User Name, Password, 

Authentication Type: Windows Authentication. After this, when hitting "Test", we

see the "Connection test success" kind of message and able to save the connection.


Now we are using the connection created above in a newly created integration map,

While, we are able to see the entities/tables in "Query" module, the fields are not

loaded even in Query module, also in other modules too. We see "Loading fields" spinner 

forever. After this, we see "username and password incorrect message"


This issue started occurring yesterday only. The packages/maps created before yesterday are running fine with the same connection, and the above mentioned issue happens only for new maps. We don't see the issue with other connectors while using the same credentials for other connectors


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