URL configuration blocks in Spotfire Analyst

Good day everybody!

I'm facing some issues with URL filters in Spotfire. So this is my dashboard below, and on the far right, you can see one of the filters named "CONTACT_CELL_PH_NBR". I used spotfire's configuration blocks to try and filter for certain values in "CONTACT_CELL_PH_NBR", but it's not working as intended.

Here's my web URL: https://spotfireanalytics.gehealthcare.com/spotfire/wp/render/Y4afHvdFvDr_YYznmL/analysis?file=/APAC-Services/ASEAN/ASEAN_AVAYA&waid=DHT-vgb3YUKE7KNIHWkqU-0408157b150Z80&wavid=0&configurationBlock=SetFilter(columnName=%22CONTACT_CELL_PH_NBR%22,values=%7B%22+440136289951%22%7D);


Solutions tried:

1. Convert all of the symbols in the configuration block using a url encoder

2. Added SetpageTitle = "CALL DETAILS" in addition to SetFilter

3. Disabled "Remember personalized web view for users" in Document Properties

4. Pasted link in incognito window


If anyone has a suggestion or possible solution as to why this problem occurs, that would be a great help!


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