Use DTS to Activate or Pause an Integration Process

I need to process 4 input csv files, they need to be processed in a specific order (Accounts, then Contacts, etc.) as subsequent files use records created by earlier files. I thought I could cleverly just update the appropriate record in the Scribe.Listener, but that doesn't seem to work. Tracing shows Success (1 Row Updated) but there's apparently more to it. The values in the DB change, but that's not affecting the Integration Process Status in the Console, and changing a record's SUSPENDED value from 1 to 0 will not cause it to look for a file.


I have no guarantee when the files will be there, and to complicate matters they are coming from a subsidiary in Europe in the middle of the night. Because the first file could show up 20 minutes before the second file, I can't do something like change the name in a pre or post process. I thought Activating the 2nd process upon completion of the 1st was a good way to do this. I hate to have 2 processes just checking to see if a file exists (or then I could have a Windows Task that looks for a file and renames it to something the Scribe IP is looking for).


I've thought of some other options if there is no way to activate a paused IP from a DTS.


Any thoughts are appreciated.