Use python script from one dashboard to read and export data from another dashboard

Hello there,

Let's suppose we have two dashboard files: Report A and Report B

Report A contains a python script. Report B contains a table visualization filled with data.

The python script in Report A reads the table visualization data from Report B and then exports that data into an Excel/CSV file.

Would anyone know if it's possible to use automation services to open Report A (which executes the python script), and then have the script read and export data from Report B into an Excel/CSV file?

Currently, I have a python script that reads data from the current report only and exports it to an Excel file. But, the issue I have with this is that it would require adding the python script to every report that needs this functionality.

In essence, I would like to be able to have the python script in only one dashboard and be able to call it to export data from other dashboards as needed. 

Would anyone know how to do this?

Would appreciate any help!


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