Using ?current_group in Custom Query

I need to provide role-based access based on the user group membership, not by current user login.

When I use ?current_user instead of ?current_groups, the query is evaluated correctly and it works.

When I use ?current_groups, the Verify button looks like it’s OK but then when you try to run it (Preview data), the syntax looks weird.


Do I use the syntax correctly? Is ?current_groups an array or a string?



select * from ONCOPOC.USERTEST where ?current_grops = 'GroupName'


The error message:


An error occurred when executing a query in the external data source.

External error:

ORA-00920: invalid relational operator

Submitted query:

SELECT * FROM (SELECT "SpotfireCustomQuery1"."USERID" AS "USERID", "SpotfireCustomQuery1"."GROUPID" AS "GROUPID" FROM (select * from ONCOPOC.USERTEST where :p1, :p2, :p3, :p4, :p5, :p6, :p7, :p8, :p9, :p10, :p11, :p12, :p13, :p14 = 'GroupName') "SpotfireCustomQuery1") WHERE ROWNUM <= :p15

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