Using Spotfire for a User Query Interface

FIrstly I have to admit to not being that expert on Spotfire and I may be missing something obvious.

At a corporate level my department has been instructed to move all our reporting from other platforms to Spotfire.  However I am not seeing functionality in Spotfire for one particular use case.

We currently use Hyperion.  Hyperion has a query section similar to Access, so some reports have the user open them, with no data present, they then provide inputs, (a date range or a product type or a product serial number, any number of options and combinations) and it retrieves the data based on that.

So as an example an engineer might open a report and say "give me everything made on this tool, between these dates, that shipped to this customer".

The key here is that the user selects the parameters, can optionally add or remove fields from the default query set and the retrieves the data.  They don't really need to understand data structures or SQL.

With basic Spotfire I am pretty sure we cannot achieve this (there are millions of rows so loading all the data and then filtering will not work).

I am wondering if I am overlooking something, or if there are add-ons or other enhancements that could achieve this.

Thanks for the help.

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