View Spotfire Library Permissions

Knowing who can read or write to each .dxp or Library Folder is key to good Data Governance and Information Risk Management.  Is there a way to view (in a structured form - either a report generated daily or some dynamic data table) who has what access to which folder/file?

I am not an admin/power user within my company - so I don't get to see much of the backend of Spotfire.  Nonetheless, I understand permissions are managed by Spotfire Groups.  Individual users and groups from our Active Director populate those Spotfire Groups. 

In a perfect world, I would get two tables (.csv, SQL View, etc.) updated on a certain frequency (preferably daily) that looks like this:


Spotfire Group Members
Group 1 Anthony, Joe, Cost Group
Group 2 Assurance Group


File Folder Path Group Permissions
Viz 1 Assurance .../Assurance/Viz1 Group 2 Read/Write
Viz 2 Cost .../Cost/Viz2 Group 1 Read
Viz 2 Cost .../Cost/Viz2 Group 2 Read/Write


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