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I have created visualizations (using only one data table) in spotfire. 

Visualizations are in 2 different pages. I have seperate filtering scheme for both the pages. 

When i select any point/bar in visualizato in one page, it changes visualization in another page as well.


Can the visualizations in different pages be totally independent of each other?






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Hi arpitap,

Yes, you can absolutely make the visualizations independent!

This is done through "Markings" (documentation). By right-clicking on a visualization, you can go to Properties>Data and select which "marking" is used by that visualization. Subsequently, in other visualizations, you can select what which marking(s) limit the data in that visualization. In this way, you can create parent-child relationships.

For your specific situation, on the first page I would create one marking for the entire page, and on the second page I would create a separate marking. Be sure to go to Properties>Data of each visualization and set to the markings you have created.

Neil Kanungo - Aug 02, 2017 - 9:31am ::
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