Visualize single data points AND box plot in same visualization


I was wondering what was the best approach to visualize single data points AND their box plot in the same visualization.

The data has numeric values (column "Data") each belonging to a category (column "Categories"). The "Categories" should be on the (categorical) x-axis and the Data on the continuous y-axis.

An alternative to scatter plot + box plot combination could be to add horizontal lines to the scatter plot for average and upper/lower quartile and for each category. Not sure if this is possible? I was experimenting with the "OVER"-statements for custom expression horizontal lines (e.g. average for each category), but don't think I fully understood the concept.

So far I could:

  • Visualize the data as a scatter plot (and add some x-jittering).
  • Visualize the data as a box plot.
  • Add a horizontal line with Avg([Y]) to a scatter plot (but as mentioned I couldn't set it up to be category-specific).

Please find the DXP file attached.

Many thanks,



Binary Data test.dxp94.18 KB



Unfortunately not. We have found an alternative solution with the user - which I cannot remember anymore.



daniel.wenger - May 22, 2018 - 10:45pm ::


I'm curious if you ever figured this out.  I am trying to do exactly what you asked for my project, but am running into the same road blocks you described.  Any info would be appreciated!

MLH13 - May 22, 2018 - 9:48am ::
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