Wait / Notify Engine Database Issues

Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

So I have two processes which should ideally communicate with each other using the notify / receiving notification activities. They're going to be running in different BW engines (JVMs), so I've configured my notify configuration to use a DB for persisting relavent information. The two processes are in two different projects, so I wrapped my notify configuration, and the JDBC connection resource into a shared library and added them as a design time library, to my second project.

I then created two EAR files, one for the process with the receive notification activity, and the other with the business process that contains the notify activity. When creating these EAR files, I ensured that under the dependecies (resources) tab, I saw my notify configuration and JDBC connection resource in both shared archives.

I then deployed both EAR files to administrators, by creating two new applications. I navigated to the PAR advanced configuration tab in both applications, and configured the 'TIBCO BusinessWorks Checkpoint Data Repository' section so that the 'Checkpoint Data Repository' property was assigned a value which pointed to my DB resource. I configured the project with the receive notification activity first, so it created the tables in my db. I then copied the naming convention which was used to create those tables, and configured the second project in the same way.

So now both projects are configured ot use that db to persist information, and both are set to use the same tables.

I then first started up my service with the 'Recieve Notification' activity, and as expected I can see one record in the autogenerated '..._WAIT' table. I then started up my second service with the 'Notify' activity and I saw a record in the '..._NOTIFY' table. This all seemed great, but the record in the notify table was never consumed.

I've ensured I'm using the same key in my 'Notify' and 'Recieve Notification' activities, so that cannot be the problem I'm experiencing.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?



Edit - Before anyone asks, I'm not using JMS because I don't want to introduce another technology / dependancy to this solution. I already interact with a DB, so I'd rather continue to interact with a DB rather than adding JMS as well.

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