We are currently evaluating Spotfire Cloud with the intention...

Hi Everyone,

We are currently evaluating Spotfire Cloud with the intention to purchase several Spotfire Cloud licenses.

The main requirement we have is that we need to analyze data which sits in an MS SQL database which is accessible over Internet.

Using the Desktop client I created an analysis connecting to this MSSQL database. This analysis then is saved as a library item and is afterwards run in the Cloud browser client. 

Using a Trial account, however, I was not able to reach a solution which allows updated data in the SQL database to be available in the analysis run through the browser client. I tried the following approaches to create a data table:

1. Using the "Connection to.." Microsoft SQL Server, leaving the data as in-database data.

2. Using the "Connection to.." Microsoft SQL Server, marking the data table as an in-memory one and linking it to the SQL db (i.e. not embedding it) .

3. Using the option to add a data table from "Database...", specifying the SqlClient Data provider and then marking the data table as in-memory, linked to source (there is no option to leave it as in-database data).

When the analysis is saved as a library item in the Spotfire Cloud account and opened in the browser client, however, one of the following happens:

1. For option 1 above (i.e. in-database data) I get an error message that "The 'Spotfire.SqlServerAdapter' data connector is not available."

2. For options 2 and 3 above (i.e. in-memory, linked to source), the client runs fine, but when I check the file in the Desktop client, I see that the upload to the library has changed it from "linked to source" to "embedded". This means that effectively, this analysis will not pick up any new data in the SQL database after it is saved to the library.

So, the question I have is - in Spotfire Cloud, is it possible to setup an analysis that fetches data from an MS SQL database (readable from Internet), so that any new/changed data in this SQL database is picked up when the analysis is run in the Spotfire Cloud browser client?

Many thanks to everyone who can shed some light on this, as this potentially can be a showstopper for our project. The spec on http://spotfire.tibco.com/products/spotfire-cloud/specification shows MS SQL as a supported data source, however, there is not much detail on how exactly it is supported.


Ventsislav Hristov

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