We have Country, State and City columns.

Hi All,

We have  Country, State and City columns.

we have these drop downs in Text Area, if I Select Country the all the States will come and if I select any state respective cites will fill in the drop downs.

Now the requirement is:

In Cross table we have to display these columns along with other metrics.

In Vertical Axis- we have to display these columns as below

If no values selected in the drop-downs we need to show Country column only.

If Country drop-down selected then Country | State columns need to display.

If Country and State selected then Country | State | City columns need to display.

So this Axis values should be changed based on the property controls selection.

I have used the following expression, but not worked.

<if("${Country}"<>"" and "${State}"<>"" ,  [Country] NEST [State] NEST [City],

If(("${Country}"<>"", [Country] NEST [State] , [Country])>

Is this possible, if yes how can we achieve this?


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