Web player Scheduled update issue


Need help in scheduling update  functinality in webplayer (v 6.x). I tried to update the Web.config but it throwing error.

 Updated the below in web.config:

<scheduledUpdates enabled="true" useLibrary="true" libraryFileName="ScheduledUpdates" settingsFile="App_Data\ScheduledUpdates.xml" concurrentUpdates="2" updateIntervalSeconds="60">
        <forcedUpdate enabled="true" maximumRejectedUpdates="2" />
        <externalUpdate keepAliveMinutes="10">
          <webService enabled="true" />
          <ems enabled="false" serverUrl="" topic="" clientId="" reconnectAttemptCount="10" reconnectAttemptDelayMilliseconds="1000" reconnectAttemptTimeoutMilliseconds="1000" />


Also updated the credentials sections. But getting the below error:

ERROR 2018-01-11 20:03:15,255 [23, u5340356@mobistar.be] Spotfire.Dxp.Web.Worker.AjaxServiceHelper - Exception in Request service call.
System.InvalidOperationException: The requested analysis is not loaded on the server. 
The analysis with id 'c49bdfcfc4a49913e7563-111955404dc546' is not found in session 'fh4t2hkmzgthaekqvwc0dtq0' in application instance '112003404df971'.
This may indicate that the server has been restarted.

Also tried to search on internet but it is talking about reinstallation of the server/webplayer. Not sure if it will help!

Is there any other way i can schedule refreshing a dashboard report? The database is getting refreshed every 5 minutes.

thanks in advance!