Webservices in TIBCO iProcess


We are new to TIBCO iProcess. We created a java service with two operation setNum and getNum and got the WSDL file for that service. Those two operations are working fine with AXIS. We want to implement webservices in iProcess.

We created a Staffware form with an integer field "setnum" which is for input to the service setNum. Then we added an EAI Webservices step. We selected SOAP/HTTP and pasted wsdl file for the service we created. Then we selected setNum operation and mapped Staffware field setnum to the setNum operation. In next step we selected that number field to export and then finished.

When we start that case, its prompting for input and when we feed an integer, and release the same and we find that there is no further process running.

In case administration, its displayed like

Case started by swclient002@staffware_nod1

"Form1" processed to swclient002@staffware_nod1

"Form2" released to swclient002@staffware_nod1

"Step1" EAI call-out initiated("EAI_WEBSERVICES")

We dont know how to confirm whether that service is called and also we dont to whether the above steps are correct. Can anyone help to us to implement webservices in iProcess?

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