Weighted column in a cross table

In a cross table I want to add a column labeled as “Weighted Days On hand” based on the Quantity

This is how it must be calculated:

  1. Sum([Weight Quantity On Hand]) * Sum([Days on Hand])


However the first part (Weight) needs to be the % of the total according with the filters applied.

The expression to have this % of the total is:

  1. Sum([Quantity On Hand]) THEN [Value] / Sum([Value]) OVER (All([Axis.Rows]))


So then I need modify the expression (1) introducing the (2), something like this

(Sum([Quantity On Hand]) THEN [Value] / Sum([Value]) OVER (All([Axis.Rows]))) * Sum([Days on Hand])


But it send it an error on the expression, Someone can help me to have the right expression?

I Noticed the red color on [Value] that indactes the expression has an error.



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