Well production and workover data joins and calculating pump runlives



I have 2 set of data. The first has a number of different wells with workover dates when a pump is changes and its associated capacity. The second data set is the production dates and how many hours the well was online for. ("Pump information" & "Production online" tabs in excel sheet attached)

I am trying to join these 2 datasets so that I can calculate the number of days between each pump change but only for when the well was online greater than 0 hours.

Join "Pump information" to "Production online", with Production online being the parent dataset.


eg. Well 1 has a pump change on 31/July/2012 with a capacity of 2.8

The calculated column for online days should be

if (current date [Online hours] > 0,

Then Previous online day + 1,

Else = Previous online day

This also need to be OVER the [Well Name]


I then need to calculate what the number of online days associated with the pump change on 31/July/2012 until the next pump change.

Example The number of well online days between the pump change on 31/July/2012 and the next pump change on 8/March/2014 is 421 days.


Thanks for your help.


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