What is TIBCO Cloud Bus?

TIBCO Cloud Bus is TIBCO's Integration Platform as a Service. It allows you to quickly onboard SaaS applications by integrating them with your on premise or other SaaS applications.

Business usually leads the adoption of SaaS applications a it is a way for them either complement your organization's business functionalities, or replace applications that cost too much to maintain. What attracts Business is the controlled investment, which is relative to their use of the application, and the immediate availability.

These applications have to be integrated, as users need to find the relevant data to use the applications. Updating the data used by these SaaS applications from time to time is not enough and may expose your organization to teh risk of having users refulsing to use the applications. Or even worse, they could integrate it themselves via excel spreadsheets. At this point, you're facing an even greater risk which is a loss of control on your data. Most SaaS applications are also "systems of engagements", systems that either interact directly with your customers, or reflect your relationship with the customers. What happens in those systems is critical for your business and need to be propagated in real-time. The challenge then becomes to integrate these SaaS applications in real-time and be compliant with their business model.

Cloud Bus, TIBCO's Integration Platform as a Service allows you to leverage the power of TIBCO Integration in a simple experience. Since it's subscription-based, the investment remains relative to your use of the services. But since we wanted to keep it simple, there's all the required connectivity for SaaS to SaaS or SaaS to on-premise integration. The subscription grants you a number of connections (applciation instances). If you need more you can add more connections to your subsriptions. The experience of TIBCO Cloud Bus is also very simple, designed to get you up and integrating in days. Once you've registered on http://cloudbus.tibco.com for your 30 days evaluation or as a subscriber:

1) Download the development package. The easy to use IDE lets you define your Integration logic graphically, without coding. This integration logic leverages the extensive Cloud Bus connectivity (SAP, SalesForce.com, Facebook, Twitter, SOAP, REST & JSON, http, JMS, databases, files, email and many more). It also provides many transformation functionalities to ensure you can integrate your various applications non-intrusively. For more advanced cases, yu can leverage orchestration logic (conditional paths, loops, retry on error), still graphically and without You can then test your integration logic without deploying and prepare deployment

2) Download and configure ready made integration. TIBCO has packaged years of experience and best practices to provide you with ready-made integration templates. These templates expose critical business information (orders, customers) from popular applications as SAP and Salesforce.com via a standards based Common Data Model. Should you have a Salesforce.com to SAP integration need, you can directly configure and deploy those to synchronize your applications in real-time. In addition, Cloud Bus provides many QuickConnects, connectors based on Cloud Bus' REST & JSON capabilities, that you can leverage to connect to other Social Networks or SaaS applications.

3) Drovision your environment and deploy. The Cloud Bus website lets you provision your cloud environment and deploy your integration logic, without the investment (and latency) required to setup a hardware infrastructure. In your ramp-up to the Cloud, Cloud Bus also lets you download and install the preconfigured runtime package on-premise, on which the same integration logic can be deployed to the same effect: simple and efficient integration, in days.

By combining mature integration technologies and experience with a subcription based model and cloud deployment, Cloud Bus

Real-time Integration. What happens in the Cloud should not stay in the Cloud. Cloud Bus provides real-time connectivity to your SaaS applications, Social Networks as well as on-premise application. Be it for process streamlining, decision making or awareness, Cloud Bus allows you to do business at the speed of your customers.

Experience as a Service. Cloud Bus provides ready-made Integrations based on TIBCO's experience and best practices. These fully functional Integrations make critical business data such as customer or order data from SAP or SalesForce.com available in real-time. As they expose a standards based Common Data Model, they can easily be connected together or extended to fit your needs. Ready-made Integrations allow you to shorten dramatically your time to results... and lay the foundation for the next integrations

Deployment freedom. Companies do not adopt SaaS applications in the same way and pivot to the Cloud at the same pace. Cloud Bus lets you deploy your Integration logic on-premise as a ramp up before pivoting in the cloud. It also lets you deploy your Integration logic in the cloud without having you to worry or invest for the infrastructure. To make things simple, both options are part of the subscription and you're free to switch at any time.

If you haven't done so, register to http://cloudbus.tibco.com to start your evalutation today! You'll find most information about Cloud Bus on the website.