What's the best way to translate an address to a GeoCode for NetSuite?

I'm going to start with: NetSuite is super convoluted and obscure.  I am not a fan of working with it at all.  It's so confusing that I'm not even sure if GeoCode is a built-in concept or not.

I have a Dynamics CRM entity with address information including Country (from a lookup entity) and State (from another lookup entity for U.S. States), and that seems to be what GeoCode in NetSuite is based on.  If I want to use Scribe to figure out what code it needs to store on the NetSuite side based on whether it's a non-U.S. country, or if it is the U.S., use the state instead... how do I do that?

I've considered creating a separate lookup table in Dynamics that has the correct number values that NetSuite is expecting based on country and based on state if the country is the U.S. but then I have to do a lookup that can check if the country is a particular one, and then if necessary use the state field to look up the GeoCode ID.  And I don't know of a way to do that in Scribe.

I recall something about being able to set up a look up data source directly in Scribe but I'm not familiar with it, and I'm not sure it answers the question of how to handle testing against state if the country is a particular one.

Or maybe NetSuite has a way to get the GeoCode from an address?

I could use help on how to handle this data manipulation in transit.

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